January 26, 2021
What’s new about WordPress 5.3

What’s new about WordPress 5.3

What will we see when WordPress 5.3 is released?

And now you can look to the future. The official release date of the WordPress kernel is set for the 12th anniversary of its release. November 2019. The beta version was downloaded this morning. You can test the beta version of WordPress 5.3 by downloading the plugin (WordPress Beta Tester). However, it is strongly recommended to test it with your test scene or site instead of your production site.

The features of this release are in line with Matt Mullenweg’s goal for 2019 to streamline the CMS to improve its current features and functionality. And coordinator Francesca Marano noted that the aim of this version of WordPress is to refine the current interactions and improve the usability of the user interfaces.

The eighth. In August 2019, Joseph Haden, CEO of WordPress, presented an overview and summary of the updates and enhancements that may be included in the upcoming WordPress 5.3 release:

  • Regroup: Support for dividing your site into sections
  • Movement: support visual movement when moveing/installing blocks
  • Column models and widths : Support for fixed column widths and predefined layouts
  • The big picture: Support to maintain progress after the big one is not loaded.
  • Availability of the media: some corrections and a lot of fine-tuning of the a11y audit
  • PHP 7.4 : Support for a new version released at the end of November.
  • And another thing: Updated assembly and testing, better email management and many under-the-hood improvements.

In addition, the version introduces a new standard theme known as Twenty Twenty.

And finally the beta was released. To get an idea of what’s going on, keep an eye on this.

Gutenberg editor of block

The iterations of the block editor are an important part of this version. The 12 versions of the Gutenberg plugin have been merged into 5.3, which means a long list of interesting new features. There are some improvements available in terms of visualization and usability in the group, column, table, gallery, separator, last message, list and button blocks. And there’s a new accessible navigation mode that allows you to move between blocks without typing their contents on the keyboard. New animations and micro-interactions of the editor are trying to improve UX.

There are also some minor improvements to the editor, including the Data Module API, the Insertion Help Bar, Snackbar notifications, typewriter experience and resolving some accessibility reporting issues.

New default theme: Twenty

One of the long-awaited features of WordPress 5.3, a new standard theme, is also available in the beta. The idea and design of the theme came from one of the WordPress themes, Chaplin, which was published in the WordPress.org theme list at the beginning of the summer. The new default theme provides full support for the block editor and allows users to find an appropriate design for their message.

Enhancements to the administrative interface

The team is also trying to integrate parts of the Gutenberg styles into the administration interface and wants to solve some accessibility problems, improve the colour contrast in the form fields and buttons, increase the consistency between the editor and the administration interface, update the colour scheme of WordPress, improve the zoom management and much more.

Other notable additions to 5.3 to be tested include

  • Help to resume downloading large files : Users can download non-optimized, high-resolution images directly from their smartphone.
  • Rotate the image automatically when loading: When images are loaded, they rotate correctly in EXIF mode.
  • Improved health checks on objects : These tools make it easy to identify areas of your site and understand where problems may need to be resolved.
  • Check the e-mail address of the administrator: Reduces the risk of being blocked if your website changes its login email address.

For promoters

  • Correction of time and date components
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.4 and removal of obsolete functions
  • Improvements for multiple sites
  • Saving the database version in the meta site
  • Updating the code
  • Switching between the display modes


We hope this article has helped you understand what new features and improvements to WordPress 5.3 are expected in the near future. Don’t forget to follow the step-by-step instructions when upgrading your version of WordPress. Feel free to let us know what you think about the features you like or what interesting features you expect in the future.

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