October 19, 2020
The CISSP Domain 3 Boolean Math (AND Logic)


Right this moment we’re going to take a fast take a look at the AND Boolean logic, which is roofed in Area Three of the CISSP widespread physique of data (CBK).

To start with, Boolean math is used to outline the principles on how pc methods consider knowledge. As a result of Boolean is predicated on a binary system, it solely has two values, 1 and 0. When evaluating these values, a one (1) goes to be equal to a True situation and a zero (0) goes to be equal to a False situation. Mainly 1/Zero is similar as on/off or true/false.

Subsequent, since we’re particularly trying on the AND logic right here, we have to outline what that is and the way it works. The AND operation is outlined by checking two values to see if they’re true. In different phrases, if each X and Y are True (or equal to 1), then the consequence can also be going to be True (1). It’s additionally necessary to notice that an AND operation is represented by utilizing the ∧ image, known as an up-caret. There are several types of Boolean logic that may be utilized, however while you see a Boolean math downside with this image, you then’ll know to use the AND logic.

Beneath is what is called a reality desk. These are used to map out the completely different mixtures and outcomes of our binary values. Once more, as a result of binary solely has 2 values, it’s straightforward to map out all of the completely different mixtures of Zero and 1.

The CISSP Domain 3 Boolean Math (AND Logic)

Since there’s a chance of seeing a Boolean arithmetic downside in your CISSP examination, we’re going to stroll by an instance downside and apply the Boolean AND logic to resolve the issue.

Instance Boolean Downside:

X:           Zero 1 1 Zero Zero 1 Zero 1
Y:            1 Zero 1 Zero Zero 1 1 0
X ∧ Y:

The very first thing that it would be best to do is to confirm what sort of logic to use to the issue. As a result of we see the up-caret image, ∧ , we all know to make use of the AND logic right here.

We’re going to check between the 2 units of values in X and Y. On this instance, now we have one set of values for X (Zero 1 1 Zero Zero 1 Zero 1) and one other set of values for Y (1 Zero 1 Zero Zero 1 1 0). To be able to remedy the issue, we’ll begin on the far left and use our reality desk to guage the X and Y values within the first column.

The CISSP Domain 3 Boolean Math (AND Logic)

Utilizing the AND logic, if the values for each X and Y are 1, then the outcomes shall be 1. In any other case, the values shall be 0, or False. Due to this fact, when this primary column, we ask the query, “Are each X and Y True (1)?”. Nonetheless, since X and Y aren’t each equal to 1, then the results of evaluating these two values is 0.

The CISSP Domain 3 Boolean Math (AND Logic)

So, after we work down every column on this downside and apply the AND logic, then the ultimate reply ought to appear to be this:

The CISSP Domain 3 Boolean Math (AND Logic)

You’ll be able to simply apply this by making a random set of digits (Zero or 1) for X and Y, after which remedy them utilizing the AND operational logic. Hopefully this has been useful for anybody combating Boolean math or wanting to organize for any Boolean math issues which may present up on the CISSP examination.

This has been a fast take a look at the AND Boolean logic.  There’s an audio/video model of this materials right here, for anybody who prefers that format.  For those who’re focused on safety fundamentals, now we have a Professionally Evil Fundamentals (PEF) channel that covers a wide range of expertise matters.  We additionally reply common primary questions in our Data Middle.  Lastly, if you happen to’re searching for a penetration check, coaching to your group, or simply have common safety questions please Contact Us.

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