January 26, 2021
How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a universal portfolio in a monnaie cryptée with numerous sets. It can run on Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS. In this tutorial I will show you how to install and use Atomic Wallet on Linux including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Fedora, CentOS/RHEL, OpenSUSE and Arch Linux.

Characteristics of the nuclear portfolio

  • Supports more than 500 coins and tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc.) You only need one password to manage them all.
  • You can add any ERC-20 token to your wallet.
  • You can purchase cryptographic correspondence in your wallet with a credit card (identity verification is required).
  • By default, your personal keys are encrypted with a password on the device.
  • There is no need to load and synchronize the lock on your computer.
  • It supports atomic exchange, allowing instant, cryptographic peer-to-peer data exchange without the need for private key management in a centralized exchange.
  • You can receive free tokens when you participate in the AirDrop campaign.
  • You can put coins and tokens in your wallet to receive a prize.

How to install the Atomic Portfolio under Linux?

Go to the website of Atomic Wallet and download the installer for your Linux distribution. There is the deb package for Debian, the RPM package for Fedora and AppImage for Ubuntu. In fact, AppImage can run on many other Linux distributions such as Arch Linux, CentOS/RHEL, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE. So I’m gonna show you how to use AppImage.

Despite my efforts, I was unable to start Atomic Wallet on Debian. Both the AppImage and the deb package are defective.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

Click on the Ubuntu button to download AppImage. If your web browser asks you the following question, you should decide to save the file.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

Then navigate to the download folder. Right-click on the AppImage file and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

Then go to the Permissions tab and select the Allowed executable file as program checkbox.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

Then double click on the AppImage file to launch the Atomic Wallet. I’ve noticed that if you’ve never run AppImage on your system before, it probably takes about 30 seconds ~ 1 minute before the application runs for the first time.

Press the NEW WALL button to create a new wallet.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

You need to set a password to encrypt your private keys. After the installation of the password, the portfolios are loaded (loading an Ethereum portfolio can take some time) and a backup set is created.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

I recommend that you store your password and password backup in a local password manager such as KeepPassXC, after which you can export your password database in encrypted form from the KeepPassXC interface to a USB stick or an external hard drive.

To install KeepPassXC on your Linux distribution, execute the following command.

Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Elementary OS

sudo apt keeppassxc installation

Arch Linux :

sudo pacman -S keepassxc


Forced installation



If you use CentOS/RHEL, you can install keepassxc as a tool.

Atomic will create a private/public key pair for each coin and token supported by Atomic. The public key is the address you give to others when you receive money, and the private key is your company’s password in the block.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

How to getstamps for free?

Go to the Settings tab -> Bird Drop and register to receive 10 free Atomic Wallets (AWC) stamps. You can use my coupon code 14G7MS to get 5 extra chips. You will need to check your email address to receive the markers. The AWC is currently worth about $0.07, so you will receive $1.05.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

After the check you will also receive an email with instructions on how to use Vogeldrops. To get a bird trap, you must deposit at least 1 BNB (Binance coins) or 50 AWC on your Atomic Portfolio. The e-mail contains your NBB address, which is the same as the address you will find in your atomic portfolio. You can also use your own promotional code to invite others to use the Atomic Wallet.

How to export private keys

If you want to use a specific encrypted currency in your special wallet, you can enter your password under Settings -> Personal Key to open your personal key. You can then copy your private key and import it into another wallet. For example, you can copy and import your personal Bitcoin key into your Bitcoin Core Wallet or Electric Wallet.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

Anti-nuclear wallet

Firstly, you cannot import your existing private keys from other portfolios into the atomic portfolio.

Then there are high transaction costs for the purchase of crypto money. This service is offered by Simplex. You must make a deposit of 5% (minimum 10USD). Previously the contribution was 2%. And the purchase price must be at least $50. I recommend buying encrypted currencies with Changelly instead of using the simplex service because Changelly charges 0.25%.

If I spend $50 to buy a financial currency at Simplex, I get 2,46311845 BNB.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

If I spend $50 to buy a Binance coin at Changelly’s, I get 3.18 BNB.

How to install and use the Linux Atomic Wallet

How do you update your atomic portfolio under Linux?

When a new version of Atomic Wallet is released, simply download the new AppImage file, give permission to run it, double click on the file and you are ready to use the latest version.

How to recoverPortfolio

What to do if your computer is stolen? In this case you can restore your portfolio with the backup sentence. Download the Atomic Wallet AppImage file to another computer, give it runtime permission and double click to launch it. Then click Restore from backup, enter your backup set and password. Wait till he loads his wallet, then you’re done.


I hope this manual has helped you install and use the Atomic Wallet under Linux. As always, if you find this article useful, subscribe to our free newsletter for more tips and tricks. Take care of yourself.

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