July 6, 2020

Adobe has just released four very tightly defined notifications for new patches.

By new, we mean they were released after the patch updates were released last Tuesday.

In other words: If you have the habit of applying patches only once a month, this is one of the times you will have to break this habit.

In general, unexpected product updates that usually follow a consistent patch release pattern are called out-of-band patches, and that’s what we have here.

(Incidentally, this is not a very accurate use of the term out-of-band – the term generally refers to a special data or control signal sent via a completely separate channel to the main data stream to avoid accidental confusion – but it has become a non-exclusive use in the patch world).

Injured food: Character Animator (CVE-2020-9586), First Pro (CVE-2020-9616), Audition (CVE-2020-9618), First Rush (CVE-2020-9617).

Bulletins are numbered APSB20-25, followed by -27, -28 and -29, with a space of -26.

The APSB20-26 patch was actually released last week, Tuesday, leaving a gap of -25, suggesting that at least the APSB20-15 patch was ready in time for Tuesday’s patch, but was not finalized, perhaps to give it time for further testing or improvements.


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